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    You don’t hear too much about Michael Jackson’s eldest sibling, Rebbie
    (Maureen) Jackson. She was smart: she got married young and got away
    from the Jackson family as soon as possible. Apparently, they’ve held it
    against her all these years.

    I am told by sources that Rebbie, now 60, is constantly dissed and used
    by her family, from the early days right up to this week. In fact, she
    traveled this week from Las Vegas, where she lives with her husband, to
    the Los Angeles area to an interview with the UK newspaper, The Sun.

    The paper offered her $75,000, and Rebbie, who has done little to cash
    in on her family’s fame, accepted. She did the interview, and then
    waited, a friend says, for the paper to call to get her bank
    information. The call never came. Instead, today The Sun is featuring
    LaToya Jackson on its website and in the paper. Says a source: “Joe
    Jackson heard about Rebbie’s interview. He got La Toya to do it, and
    replaced Rebbie.” The older sister is said to be very upset and rightly

    According to those who know her, the mild mannered, loyal Rebbie is one
    of the few Jacksons to turn down offers since Michael died a year ago
    today. She declined $650,000 from News of the World just five days after
    Michael’s death. As a performer herself, she’s managed to make a career
    for herself in Las Vegas. But I am told that both her parents went to a
    Las Vegas hotel owner and scotched a deal for Rebbie to have her own
    showcase. “The parents told the hotel owner why did he want just Rebbie
    when they could offer him a better deal?” In the end, no one got the

    Last year, after Michael died, my source insists that the Jacksons asked
    Rebbie to come take care of Michael’s kids. “She stayed for three
    months until she realized they just did it to keep her from working in
    Vegas. They never intended for her to actually be involved.” Since then,
    little has been heard from Rebbie in regard to Michael’s kids or the

    Interestingly, Rebbie was the last Jackson sibling who Michael ever
    worked with professionally. He helped her with a single hit,
    “Centipede,” in the early 90s. In 1998, he helped her with a single and
    video called “Faithfully Yours.”

    from showbiz411

    "You and I must make a pact, we must bring salvation back,
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    I remember this tarot clearly. Mostly centered on a situation between her and Grace and the children. But, does seem to reflect that she wants 'out of the madhouse'. I think its quite a good tarot if the report about Rebbie is true. Tarot mentions about her 'staying away' too.

    ]« Thread Started on Nov 30, 2009, 5:19am »

    My, those Jacksons
    are beautiful looking people, look at this picture of Rebbie, shes
    absolutely gorgeous.

    I asked about the spat with Grace
    Rawaramba and we have seen this card before tonight in Katherines cards.
    There are many meanings to this card but it seems to show a breezing in
    and breezing out and a a fair amount of force here.

    I feel that
    Rebbie wanted to speak frankly and perhaps its because nobody else
    wanted to in case they were not supported but I do feel that Rebbie
    wanted her say and intended to do just that. I have the thought that
    Rebbie did not want Grace to stay very long and rather thought that it
    would be a breeze in and out situation. Likely she may have objected to
    a long term arrangement. If that has already been reported then this
    card might confirm that.

    It does seem to me that Rebbie was
    thinking about the consequences of Graces actions or perhaps even the
    actions of her staying in the home - either way - it must have affected
    Rebbie to say something.

    I see Rebbie as a quiet person she
    does,nt want to rebel rouse at all, but given the situation it seems
    that this is a situation she has to have her say and be done with this.

    the tarot what Rebbie thinks of Michael I get a really excellent set of

    He was described thus ;

    Intense, Entrepreneur, Headstrong, Self-Starter, Daring, Headstrong,
    Idealistic, Energetic, Motivated, Strong, Generous, Impulsive,
    Ambitions, Self-assertive, Creative Man Of Vision, Not Afraid To Talk,
    Self-Made Man, Faithful.

    I really see all those attributes and
    this is what tarot gives me for Rebbies opinion - I cant say tarot is
    correct but it seems to indicate her thoughts about him.

    card in this matter seems to give the impression that Michael would have
    been good in politics as he was not afraid to talk. Perhaps she felt
    he should have curbed that though because this card is a card of action
    and it seems to be an acknowledgement that she knows he would have had
    something to say.

    This card indicates a father of a family and
    many other things I have with this card which shows an undertaking of

    I like Rebbie and the card I have here does
    outline a couple of other things to me. It does indicate that he had a
    new business and career idea and we know that is the case.

    Unfortunately, I do see a very
    stressful period on Rebbie which I find a bit upsetting really as one
    look at her and I feel such a refreshing personality. I dont see
    materialism in Rebbie at all.
    I think she wanted Michael to have a long
    and happy marriage just like herself, perhaps she felt it would have
    been good for him .

    But this card shows me that Rebbie herself is
    in retreat of some kind of life and wants to go away and think about
    things. She might even take a holiday as I just feel she needs this. I
    dont see her wanting to get very involved in things right now. I would
    like to see her take a trip away and re evaluate things. I feel that
    she wants to think about a lot of situations and put things back
    together in her head in a way she can feel fresh.

    Getting away
    and recouperating somewhere may be important to her. I think somehow
    Rebbie may change where she lives - she mighth make it permanent too.
    There have been reasons behind this but she is just wanting to get out
    of the maddening crowd.

    I like Rebbie I can see something nice in
    this woman and I wish her so much the best.

    She is going to
    decide for herself whats best for herself and her family and if moving
    away is what she has to do then she will do that. I dont think Rebbie
    likes the 'circus'.

    I will enquire for Rebbie again in the
    future. For now, I see that she wants out of the madness.

    "You and I must make a pact, we must bring salvation back,
    whenever you need me, I,ll be there".


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