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    Its not current news, so I have put this discussion here. Its very interesting if you combine it with Katherines Tarot which you can find on the Blogger.

    One TAROT is dated 5 September and the other one which may relate to what the poster is talking about is 30 November

    Heres the link once more to find these tarots.

    First on the old forum


    Secondly on the blogger in the relevant months


    All interesting.

    "You and I must make a pact, we must bring salvation back,
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    Post  EMPATHY on Sun Jul 18, 2010 6:56 am

    Here is the article in question that is on that post on MJDH.


    30 JUNE 2010

    lives on through a mountain of real estate debt still on
    the books at the one-year anniversary of his passing. Due to this and
    other deficits, his personal estate's money woes remain steep and still
    affect the family members he left behind.

    With little liquidity floating around, eyes are on Jackson's real estate

    So far, the Jackson family home, a 5-bedroom 7-bathroom,
    10,476-square-foot home at 4641
    Hayvenhurst Ave
    ; in Encino, Calif., where his mother, Katherine,
    lives, has managed to avoid foreclosure. But just in the nick of time.
    The save comes thanks to the roughly $200 million that the singer has
    brought in posthumously in the 12 months following his death. But while
    renewed popularity in Jackson's music has helped pay off debt, by no
    means are his plethora of properties in the clear -- a harsh reality
    that could affect Jackson's three children and his 80-year-old mother.

    Come December 2010, the pop star's estate is expected to fork over $300
    million of the $500 million debt that the Smooth Criminal and Thriller
    singer owes due to over-the-top spending throughout his life and, most
    excessively, in his final years.

    By the end of 2010, Barclays
    PLC expects the matured $300-million loan that they gave Jackson to be
    paid in full.

    In addition to the Encino home, Jackson's other costly and famed real
    estate is his Neverland
    at 5225 Figueroa Mountain Road in Los Olivos, Calif., a
    property that sits on 2,676 acres near Santa Barbara. Neverland was
    bailed out of foreclosure by Colony Capital LLC, an L.A. real estate
    investment firm that bought the note and placed the estate in a joint
    venture with Jackson back in 2008. (Colony takes care of the ranch's
    overhead, maintenance and tax costs.) It's currently not for sale and
    experts say it most likely will not be converted into a tourist
    attraction like Graceland, Elvis Presley's opulent pad.

    There's also the family's home from Michael's childhood in Gary, Ind.,
    at 2300 Jackson St.

    A condo owned by Jackson near the Encino enclave was four months late on
    loan payments and homeowner dues, so was also allegedly in danger of
    foreclosing until it was recently paid off. At the time of his death,
    Jackson was living in a rented mansion in Holmby Hills, a high-end L.A.
    neighborhood near Bel Air.

    Despite his various financial holdings, at the time of his death Jackson
    was plagued with unpaid bills. The Encino home, which was slated to
    foreclose on the day after Jackson died, had outstanding debts that
    included thousands of dollars in utility bills. Several months had
    passed without anyone, be it Jackson, his mother, or any other Jackson
    family members making a payment. Besides Katherine and the singer's
    three children, the offspring of two of Michael's brothers also live in
    the family home.

    For a family that has amassed such massive wealth, the Jacksons were in
    danger of being without running water because of only $9,000 owed to the
    Los Angeles Department of Water and Power. Their phone/cable/internet
    service was nearly disconnected because $1,300 was left unpaid.

    Another lesson, perhaps, on the dangers of overextending yourself in
    property ownership.

    "You and I must make a pact, we must bring salvation back,
    whenever you need me, I,ll be there".


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    Katherines Tarot.

    5 September 2009.
    I looked
    at this picture of Katherine Jackson and drew one card on her. I wanted
    to know what it was she was 'feeling'.

    I received the Hermit.

    The Hermit is the 9 major Arcana
    card. Though I have printed this as an upright card it did in fact come
    out reversed. This is a card that tells us that something is not
    completed. That someone is very worried, very withdrawn and wrestling
    with their concience about something. The card also refers to the
    Virgin/Virgo star sign.

    I am feeling that Katherine may have
    wanted the entire thing to be over and done with. I do not think she was
    comfortable at all about the situation but she has resigned herself to
    it in this picture.

    Hidden matters, concealed and buried - seem
    to be here - there is also a religious aspect to this card and I am
    feeling from this card that Katherine may have been in some kind of
    situation that might have gone against her religious beliefs. I do not
    feel she was at ease at all.

    The photographers have decided their
    own captions I notice for how people were feeling. For example they
    pictured Blanket and printed that he was sorrowful for his dad -
    actually - Blanket was tired out and sleepy - so you see the press put
    their twist on this.

    This card tells me categorically that
    Katherine is concerned about things here that she wants the situation
    over and done with quickly as it does not befit her emotionally in the
    situation she seems to be in. I think she is aware of something and not
    able to express that.

    I of course find this card very
    illuminating from the non completion aspect of the 9 reversed.

    card can represent disguise and an unreasoned caution or a feeling of
    fear or concern. Fear might be rather a large word, but there is to me a
    thought that Katherine knew more about a situation then she put out.

    dont think this was an easy appearance for her - and I do think she had
    to keep to herself what was going on inside.

    Someone such as
    Katherine would have concience about certain things. That much is
    apparent in this card. It seems to me there was a certain 'policy' about
    the funeral - Katherine might have known what that was, for the rest of
    us we can see that there has been a PERFECTIONIST element attached to
    all of it.

    I am
    going to have to add to the above Tarot and let you know that the Hermit
    sits between the STRENGTH card at number 8 and the Wheel of Fortune
    Number 10. The aftermath on the Wheel of Fortune is the result of KARMA
    and Fate. The wheel goes up with its fortune and it also goes down. I
    am in no doubt that Katherine is aware that a lot rests on that funeral
    for the 10 to become a 1 and hence a new beginning. The card
    beforehand, the Strength card shows categorically she would have had to
    steel her wits up to go in the first place. But determination is a
    characteristic Katherine is famed for and it shows here very much
    indeed. What is so interesting about the Strength card is a woman who
    opens the Lions Mouth.

    That takes a lot of BRAVERY and Courage -
    and I bet that going to yesterdays funeral took that and a lot more - it
    should do when there are things that are clearly hidden from others.
    Katherine knew more about the situation with Michael - hence the virgo
    attribute on the card and as the card tells us its hidden matters we
    should respect that.

    Shes a
    courageous woman.

    TAROT 30 NOVEMBER 2009

    I am looking at
    this picture and asking tarot what the future holds for Katherine.
    While I go to write this I have to say that I respect that this picture
    is in a time of great turmoil I would like to find an up to date current
    picture of Katherine if anyone can help for another reading. I will
    look too .

    However looking at THIS picture and asking about
    Katherine I have received this card below.

    Generally receiving the world shows
    a completeness of any issue or situation but this card comes to us

    This card does show us that our future is stagnated
    because we can be looking after people like sick and elderly or bringing
    up children and we know that is part of Katherines task.

    But in
    this card it also seems to bring to the fore something about 'having to
    sell a house' so I dont know if it picks up what Katherine was thinking
    about at that time or not but that is what this card can mean.
    It shows
    someone also who is going to have to be careful about travel too -
    because it somehow sees someones world getting 'smaller'.

    card can indicate that completion of matters have likely been delayed.
    There is something else that needs to be done before completion may be

    Resolutions may come slowly but will be worthwhile
    when they arrive so clearly there are many things to 'clear up'.

    card can also represent that there is some unfinished business to be
    resolved between Katherine and others or even a partner. Katherine will
    have to try to come to terms with her past and realize that living in
    its shadows may be preventing future happiness.

    Sometimes this
    card can be about recompense or payback for evil deeds which sounds
    pretty strong but can have its place here somehow. This card shows that
    if Katherine wants to dot the 'i' and cross the 't' that there will be
    quite a few obstructions and obstacles in the way but she will be
    careful not to make any mistakes. This will be important to her.

    lack of vision and some kind of disappointment may still be here but it
    could be that at the time of this photo from which I looked and did
    this reading, that perhaps it was at that time that Katherine could not
    see her way through matters - it may be that she wonders if things will
    all sort themselves out too.

    Perhaps there is a lack of
    communication here that seems to be a problem?

    The world can be
    such a wonderful card but Katherines world in the future is not complete
    and there is a reason for this.

    I suspect the reason would be
    that when the World occurs reversed in my question it shows that perhaps
    Katherine has not yet managed to complete the tasks required of her
    This may indicate that she will never be able to move ahead until the
    past has been resolved. Unfinished business keeps her unbalanced and
    limited. The understanding of of herself appears to be based in
    delusion. Some deep, honest introspection is called for. Also sudden,
    disturbing changes which require fast and competent reactions can be
    implied by this card
    - so I will leave the rest to imagination.

    has to drop fear and open her heart. That is the advice for Katherine
    for the future. I feel she will need a lot of help with the children as
    I really think she feels deep down that it is a difficult task. There
    may be many reasons why that only Katherine knows or it could be as
    mentioned that she is older and will require help with things.

    it seems to me that there are quite a few things that Katherine has to
    face and resolve.

    This is a very strong card which I
    pulled for this picture of Katherine. The very basis of this card tells
    us of a situation that may indicate the beginnings or initial stages of a
    creative venture, new relationship, or business.

    This card
    also explains that when we are possessed by a pure idea, and wish to
    manifest that idea in reality, we are often so blinded by the desire for
    its fulfillment that we fail to see the difficulties we may encounter
    or the consequences for which we may be responsible.

    The Knight
    of Swords is a powerful figure full of life and energy who needs to be
    balanced with a realization of responsibility and compassion. Pure
    intellectual energy is a double-edged sword which has the potential for
    either great good or great evil, and this power must be tempered with
    feeling and spirit so it doesn't create pain for ourselves or others.

    possible that where this picture was concerned that Katherine wanted to
    say just what she thought but perhaps she might not be supported in

    I think I will leave that there and slide off the page
    right here>>>>>>>>>>>>>

    "You and I must make a pact, we must bring salvation back,
    whenever you need me, I,ll be there".


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