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    Kai Chase is the woman who worked as a personal chef for Michael Jackson and his children in their rented Holmby Hills mansion in LA for four months before Jackson died last June.

    In a recent interview Chase talked about what it was like inside the Jackson's home and about the children that became so special to her.
    Chase recalled, "Paris is a huge lover of animals and nature, so we dug a vegetable patch and snuck out at night with flashlights to gather enough snails to build a snail farm."

    "Prince, who was then 12, loved to read and was really into movies. He spent hours making animation films using apples in the kitchen.

    "And Blanket was hilarious. Michael built a movie theatre for the kids and had movie nights for them. He liked them to watch black and white movies and little Blanket got really into the 1930s gangster film The Public Enemy. He'd run up to me in the kitchen, pretending to be James Cagney, mimicking his gangster voice perfectly. It was hilarious, especially as he was only seven."

    Chase says that Michael would spend hours planning "Daddy Time" with the children and that the four of them loved to play practical jokes on her. On one occasion she says, the children beckoned her into the kitchen, saying, "Your boyfriend is here."

    "I went in and they had dressed one of Mr Jackson's mannequins. It was so life-like and made me jump so high. Mr. Jackson was hiding behind the chair and jumped out, saying, 'Gotcha! He loved practical jokes."

    "Those few months were so happy. Mr. Jackson was an almost Willy Wonka-style father, with his crazy sense of fun," Chase said.

    She talked about how Paris cried tears of joy on one occasion when her Daddy planned a special surprise for her eleventh birthday, just two months before his death.

    "Mr. Jackson had paid for members of the circus troupe Cirque du Soleil to perform throughout the house and garden. It was magical and one of the security team filmed the whole day. I know Paris keeps that tape close to her heart and watches it to remind her of her Daddy."

    Chase, who has no kids of her own, revealed that the children have given her what they call a "Box Of Happiness" - a hand decorated shoebox that holds a stack of their letters, thanking her for cooking for them, for bringing them gifts and for being their friend.

    She says, "I'll keep these letters close to my heart for as long as I live. They're incredibly special."

    Source: thesun.co.uk


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