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    Post  butterfly on Tue Sep 14, 2010 7:21 pm

    This is a blogger's comment from LKL Blog

    September 14th, 2010 6:11 pm ET

    MJ Certainly Had Something Big Planned!!!

    Is there any evidence that he has been planning this for years, maybe even decades? Yes, there are several things. One of which we already examined, and that is the autographs (1998, Dangerous code, etc). These all indicated at least something major on 9-9-09. The Liberian Girl video, from about twenty years ago, leaves us with a pretty strong feeling that he was already working on this plan back then. Another thing is the MJ will, dated 7-7-02, exactly 7 years before the memorial.
    Just a few weeks before, MJ had spoken out and said: “... they never thought, that this performer, myself, would outthink them. ... I promise you, the best is yet to come.” What was he referring to? What was his plan (outthinking), and when did he implement it? What was the “best” to come after 2002? And what was the big and “innovating” film “surprises” that he mentioned to Geraldo in 2005? There seems to be no answer to these questions, unless of course the answer is Thriller II (TII).

    According to MTV, the Dome Project (film clips for TII) was completed on 6-9-09; this would be about two weeks before the “death”. Amazing that the film portions were conveniently completed, just before he “died”!

    @Lori – Justice for Michael

    This hoax has NOTHING to do with Quincy Jones. Especially not about a man who says that Michael bleeched his skin.

    Ok so you say that someone worked hard and found that numerology. So you say, 77 days from the “death” on June 25 to 9-9-09; and 7 days from the “burial” to 9-9-09 is just another coincidence? And it is still another coincidence that TII poster released on 9.9.9, Jermaine made his speech in London at the same date and during Latoya's shopping the tag with 9.9.9 was showed by just a coincidence too? The Full Moon is just another coincidence? And 2040= 25+06+2009 is just another coincidence too? 1998 code 99 1+8=9 which makes 999, so Michael's 1998 autograph in Dangerous album is another coincidence? The bloody shirt which was found in Michael's closet with the tag of 3.99 which is exactly shows the funeral date (3.9.9) is another coincidence? I counted just a couple of "coincidences" here, and I seriously have no clue how your logic accepts all of these as a coincidence. You said, someone worked hard and found the numerology, so don't you think that "someone special" created all this numerology and told that person to let us know about it? This is such a perfect plan and if you could get into it, you would have understood how it was planned by a genious perfectionist. And almost all of these below doesn't include numerology if that's what your problem is. I wrote these some time ago but it seems like they weren't read by some of you.

    -"painS" in MJ's WYBT song at the July 7 memorial.

    -Inconsistencies/mistakes in footage from the Sept. 3 funeral (e.g. missing tree... the ground and helicopter shootings were different)

    -The dancers were used as ushers at the funeral, why?

    -Liberian Girl pictures were used at the funeral and at the memorial during Paris' speech. Michael is behind the cam during LG video. Why do you think ONLY LG pictures were used at the funeral?

    -Differing accounts by family members as to where they were when they got the news – esp. Janet. (Janet once said she was at her house and then she said she was at the film set)

    -Ben Evanstead, the pap who shot the ambulance picture was a friend of Michael and he said "we were there that day and the other da.. ummm" What a coincidence that Ben shot the ambulance picture and he keeps on taking ALL pictures of Murray at FL, Murray at the beach, Murray with his lawyer and all? Why is he the only one who takes photos?

    -Various people (family members, chef Kai Chase, Kenny Ortega) were quite smiley in the wake of MJ's death/disappearance. Not many signs of grief. ( Did you see the backstage pictures of the memorial?)

    -Some significant MJ friends did not attend the memorial and/or the funeral.

    -When Larry King asked Joe about MJ's body and its whereabouts Joe stated "Well, I dont" know Larry, you have to ask whoever has it".

    -TMZ was the first one to post the story (6 minutes before)- before Michael was even officially declared "dead".

    -UCLA Medical Center did not take authority for claiming the death.
    From the UCLA Newsroom site. Notice it is titled "A Statement on the Death of Michael Jackson at UCLA Medical Center." It does not say it is a statement from UCLA. Then notice it says "The family of Michael Jackson made this brief statement available on June 25 at Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center.

    -Jermaine gave the official statement at the hospital declaring "The King of Pop died at 2:26 pm". Since when family members announce the death?

    -The middle name of Michael in the death certificate and autopsy report is JOSEPH. However if you check out his trial videos you can hear Michael himself saying his middle name as "JOE" at the trial and if you check out his license you can see that his middle name is JOE.It's NOT JOSEPH! And you can NOT shorten your name in legal documentaries. Even if you write one letter wrong, it makes that documentary false, invalid.

    -Dr Murray posted the video that was eerily similar to Michael's video claiming his innocence and thanking fans for their support.

    -Several of the tributes being canceled for lack of participation or support.

    -The Comic Book "Fated" (Did you really check this book?)

    -The several security cameras at the mansion went missing, and are yet to be found.

    -Murray isn't licensed to practice in London. So why was he hired if he couldn't practise in London?

    -LAPD didn't mark the house as a crime scene until FOUR DAYS after the incident. After the family had already been in and out, taking things away.

    - fact that Jermain confused Michael's whereabouts; "airport" confused with "hospital". In fact, it was Very Odd.

    -There was no practically mention of Michael's passing in TII documentary. No "In honor of Michael Jackson who passed away before those concerts took place" or "In loving memory of...

    -Helicopter scene which was flying with an open door and MJ moved in there. The bodies were switched. You can see the second body inside of the helicopter.

    -The National Enquirer reported in January 2009 that Michael Jackson had only 6 months to live, and 6 months later he is dead, what a coincidence!

    -According to what we heard in the media and what we have been shown in the ambulance footage, Michael Jackson was at home at Carolwood Drive when the 911-call was made. We hear the doctor in the background, so that means the caller should have been there as well. Yet the screen of the ambulance tells us something else; The call wasn’t made from 100 North Carolwood Drive, it was made from 9641 Sunset Boulevard…. The Beverly Hills Hotel!!!

    -Michael signed his will on 7/7/02 and 7 years later he "died" on the 25th which is 2+5=7! and the memorial was on 7.7.09 yeah coincidence again?!?

    -5 Alive tv commercial, Coca Cola commercial

    -Cause of death was listed as “deferred” until after the autopsy. The DC states that it is only valid if signed in purple ink. At the bottom it’s signed in BLUE ink.

    -In interviews the entire family continues to refer to MJ in present tense. One of the most striking examples is La Toya rolling down her car window and saying something about how they all appreciate the fan support, and Michael does too. "He appreciates it and we're all watching you"

    -There are MANY conflicting reports about MJ’s death. He died in the bedroom, he died in the doctor’s room. Prince witnessed it, not one witnessed it. MJ was already dead when the paramedics got there, MJ was revived and was in a coma, MJ was “worked on” for over an hour, MJ’s body was warm (incidentally a medical fact about cardiac arrest is his body would have been cold),MJ’s body was cold, MJ looked peaceful like he was sleeping, MJ’s face had been battered by CPR (huh?), The casket was closed at the memorial because the face had been battered by CPR… but the kids saw him in the private memorial, he’s been cremated, no he hasn’t, the body is missing, the body hasn’t been released to the family yet, the body has been released, the body is in a secret location, and on and on and on and on.

    -The 911 operator HUNG UP on the caller saying to call back if they needed anymore help. That is 100% against 911 policy. They have to stay on the line until the paramedics get there.

    -TII and the autopsy reports will take pages of me to write here. But from TII, the BAM scene after the credits is significant.



    Post  Guest on Tue Sep 14, 2010 8:35 pm

    Well this women talks about day seven

    BTW.. this is why the prez is talking about the net and putting limitations on what we can see.
    See our new prez, he is just a puppet and does as hes told.So much of what I have been reading and listening to points to MJ and him knowing this way before we have.
    This women also talks about "why do the US keep going over to Iran and those places??? It's about control over very sacred grounds...
    Like this women says so many ppl are waking up... our leaders know this, Bush knew this, I could ramble on and on.. but I can't write or speak that well about it just yet lol.https://www.youtube.com/user/PleiadianStarseeder#p/u/60/CnMJEadLGEI

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    Post  EMPATHY on Wed Sep 15, 2010 4:58 am

    Tarot told us a long time ago.

    'we would learn some very odd things - VERY odd'

    "You and I must make a pact, we must bring salvation back,
    whenever you need me, I,ll be there".



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    Post  mjapyt2009 on Wed Sep 15, 2010 8:45 am

    Very odd things, indeed. Don't forget the inclusion of "Gilda" clip in TII.

    My world has never been the same since 6/25/09. Michael became my eye-opener to everything that's been going on around us.

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