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    Shawn Henning and Michael


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    Shawn Henning and Michael

    Post  MJLOVE4ever on Thu Mar 18, 2010 11:05 am

    I'm going to paste an email from Mr. Henning. I included the top portion in case anyone wants to submit something to him because he is planning on using every fans submissions. I just wanted to share what I wrote to him.

    Here you can find the last updates about the book, or special events being planned or other projects being put together.
    For Those of You who have submitted to the book and have recieved a Letter of Authorization. If you are having trouble faxing or Scanning your signed letter back to us. We have a solution.
    If you are unable to scan or fax you may send us an email stating the following
    Date you recieved your letter
    I recieved my official authorization letter from Author Shawn Henning in an email. I have read and understood the conditions and terms of my submission being added to the book. I agree to all content mentioned in the letter of authorization and hereby grant authorization to Author Shawn Henning to use my submission in the tribute book for Michael Jackson.
    If you have not received a Letter of Authorization then please send an email to mjbook2@yahoo.com or use the contact us feature on the website and let us know. We want to include Everyone who has submitted to us in these tribute books.
    Submissions you may still submit to the book, because these books will keep coming, until EVERY FAN/SUPPORTER has had a chance to be heard.
    Submissions for the DVD, our mission here is to make "Our Voice Heard" above the the lies, rumors controversies and scandals. To achieve the goal of showing how much Michael Jackson meant to everyone and the world we need to unite and stand together as one. In efforts to let everyone be heard we are now in the makes of a project with Larry Nimmer Defense Witness/Documentary Film-Maker, to bring "Our Voice To DVD. The DVD will be available through Amazon and many places where DVDs are sold. It is to bring together the fans and supporters that could not make the event being put together by Make a Better World Foundation. So to show our support for this event and this foundation we are asking all who cannot attend to put together a clip of you and your support and Love for Michael Jackson. Please take a look at the DVD "Our Voice Will Be Heard" tab and find out how you can be a part of this SPECIAL DVD.
    Thank you all for joining us and this website and Letteing Your Voice Be Heard. Please check this page often for updates as to new annoucements.
    Shawn and Adora Henning
    Our Voice Will Be Heard

    Shawn and Adora Henning

    Our Voice Will Be Heard


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    From: Angie Johnson
    Subject: Re: Michael Jackson
    To: "Shawn Henning" <mjbook2@yahoo.com>
    Date: Thursday, January 14, 2010, 8:10 PM

    It is fine with me. I love Michael, obviously, and I am honored to have a place in your publication. Thank you!
    Angie Johnson
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    From: Shawn Henning
    To: Angie Johnson
    Sent: Thursday, January 14, 2010 2:17 AM
    Subject: Re: Michael Jackson

    Please review your submission below as it has been slightly edited. Let us know if you agree with the edits and we look forward to having you apart of this book.

    Hello! My name is Angie Johnson; I am from St. Albans, WV USA..

    Michael is the most loving, caring and giving man and he deserves to be honored for that. People have been so harsh towards him because of ignorance and it is so nice to know that there are still so many people out there who know what an angelic soul Michael has. I grew up listening to Michael from the time he was in the Jackson 5 and continued to follow him after he was on his own.

    I fell in love with that beautiful man and, I must say, I'm still in love with him! His music, his voice, and his dancing are all beyond compare, but more than that, his big, beautiful heart is what really makes him special. When I was a young girl, my dream was to marry Michael! I cannot honestly say that I ever really let that dream go either. People didn't understand him because of his changing looks, his lightening skin, or whatever else they may have deemed odd, and they started making up strange tales about him. This was so sad, he didn't deserve this. I never quite understood those people myself. I have an unconditional love for Michael and it's undying as well. I have always thought that Michael was very gorgeous, and still do! There is nothing he could do to make that change, for one thing, he is just beautiful, and for another, he has an extraordinary beauty that shines from the inside out. Michael IS the embodiment of LOVE.




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    Re: Shawn Henning and Michael

    Post  EMPATHY on Fri Mar 19, 2010 7:19 am

    I love you This is nice - thank you for posting.

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