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    Who is this Marcel Avram?



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    Who is this Marcel Avram?

    Post  Lemonbread on Sun Dec 12, 2010 4:25 pm

    Empathy, I was reading something about this guy Marcel Avram and a bell rang off in my head. I think that he was a long time friend of Michael as well as a concert promoter. I think that there was a lawsuit that involved him as well as Michael. I think this took place in the latter part of 2002-early 2003. Is there any way that you can do a reading on this guy. Something does not seem right with this guy. It seems that Michael could not do any type of performing without him waiting in the wing to sue him. Do you think that maybe he is one of the problems that was lurking in Michael that will come forth as try to wreck havoc on Michael career. I guess the question that I would like for you to pose to the tarot is this: Is Mr. Marcel Avram a key factor in the decision Michael had to make?

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