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    What do you think about this? I accidentally found this, so I thought I put here...

    "I later found a portrait of Charles Dassoucy and noted that there was an uncanny resemblance to Michael Jackson. Indeed it appearedthat through his plastic surgeries, Jackson was trying to look more like Dassoucy, a caucasian" said Semkiw on his web.

    Yeah, it isn't Michael's fault for all the plastic surgeries maybe. We can't blame him. What do you feel when the nature's calling really calls you? We can't avoid it, can we? Read this: "Why did Michael Jackson have plastic surgeries which made it appear as if he was creating a Caucasian version of himself? I believe that he did this because Jackson had not had prior incarnations as an individual with African ancestry. As such, Michael unconsciously was trying to look more like he did in prior incarnations, when he was Caucasian."
    Well, hmm, how do begin to explain this. Hmm.. Like this, we know that Michael was always related to children, wasn't he? He had been always associated to children, such as young boy in Neverland. And you know, Jackson also associated with young boys 400 years ago.

    "I asked Ahtun Re why Jackson had this tendency to associate with young boys in two different lifetimes" Walter Semkiw says. Ahtun Re (the spirit from Egypt, he doesn't reincarnate again over 3000 years on earth) explained that the origin of this behavior stems from an earlier lifetime in which Michael Jackson, as a young boy, was enlisted in what was called the Children's Crusades, which occurred around 1200 AD. In Crusades, Christians from Europe waged battle with Muslims soldiers to retake Jerusalem from the Muslims.
    When the Crusaders ran out of young men to fight, someone had the idea to enlist young boys to join the cause. Michael Jackson was the one of these young boyswho were pressed into service and Michael lost his life in battle.

    Ahtun Re explained that the experience of losing his life as a child soldier in the Crusades led to an emotional trauma being inflicted on Michael Jackson’s soul which has persisted for 800 years. His loss of childhood in battle has led to an urge to never lose his childhood again, which has led to Michael Jackson’s image as a man-child.

    Jackson’s association with young boys reflects the loss of comrade child soldiers in the Children’s Crusades and his need to reclaim and reunite with his fellow child soldiers. Indeed, it is very likely that some of the children Jackson hosted at his Neverland Ranch were reincarnated child soldiers from the Children’s Crusades, children that Michael knew in that past era.

    (See more complete story by clicking this.)
    See? Maybe that's why Michael loves children, he missed his childhood. Oh poor Michael. Hiks.

    Oh yeah, these are what I have promised to y'all. The other past life of celebrities or politicians, other famous persons.



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    What they have in common:

    In both lifetimes gifted musicians and made their living this way

    Race issues played a major roles in their lives.

    Both tall

    Both considered polite

    Both born in neighboring states - correction both resided in neighboring states Indiana for Jackson and Ohio for Eston

    Both had controversial notoriety in life and in death

    Both had three children, in both cases the eldest was a boy, the middle child a girl and the youngest a boy

    Both had white children which is interesting because Michael was a black man

    Also another interesting coincidence concerning the children:
    Eston's first two children were born in the same town Charlottesville, Va
    and Michael's first two children had the same mother Debbie Rowe
    In both cases the first 2 children have a specific association in common apart from the third child

    Both had similar sounding last names:
    Eston eventually changed his last name to his father's Jefferson
    Jefferson and Jackson bare similarity

    Both named after their fathers:
    Eston's full name was Thomas Eston Hemings ....... Thomas after his father Thomas Jefferson

    Michael's full name was Michael Joseph Jackson ...... Joseph after his father Joseph Jackson

    Both died around the same ages:
    Eston died 1856 at age 48
    Michael died at age 50

    both had sun signs that were ruled by Mercury
    Eston Michael
    May 21, 1808 August 29, 1958
    Gemini - ruling planet Mercury Virgo - ruling planet Mercury


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    They say...

    ''Notice the similar dress styles once again for these two. Dr. Semkiw did say Michael was trying to appears as Charles, in this lifetime. We often have similar tastes and styles from one life to the next.''

    Charles Dassoucy and Michael's jackets

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