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    Let's say this



    Let's say this

    Post  Guest on Wed May 04, 2011 4:23 pm

    Michael is alive, he's away from home and never coming back. How can his kids be away from him for a long time and they will never see him and he can't be there for his kids. I'm not saying its all true but IF Michael faked his death and never coming back, his kids will never live with him again??

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    Re: Let's say this

    Post  EMPATHY on Wed May 04, 2011 10:42 pm

    I could not attest to this , but I remember writing tarot at some point where I thought I saw a problem with Michael and the children. I think the family have since given it away many times that Michael was OTT with the Kids and afraid of letting them be themselves in the big world. Maybe the family thought to try to loose his grip a bit so that the children could get out of camoflauge and also free themselves up more.

    Michael worried a lot, and you have to remember that he was always treated like bone china, sometimes he was even picked up and lifted over mud (reported by a fan who visited the ranch) Cant confirm that as a rumour or not. However, he would bring those children up the way he was brought up himself . By that, I mean thoroughly protected with constant security.

    Three modern kids are going to frown at that whether they are MJs children or not. Michael was not as outgoing socially as his brother or family and it would not surprise me that they suggested him to loosen the stranglehold. I bet the children gave MJ a hard time sometimes as they were starting to get into their own bodies.

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