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    Humbug? Shamone MJ !!


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    Humbug? Shamone MJ !!

    Post  butterfly on Fri Aug 05, 2011 8:00 pm

    Why are we never surprised with what MJ turns up with?


    What is located at the company address of Global Live Events LLP in Bristol? A bar with the name "Humbug".

    PT Barnum's definition of a Humbug:

    Two actors appear as stars at two rival theatres. They are equally talented, equally pleasing. One advertises himself simply as a tragedian, under his proper name - the other boasts that he is a prince, and wears decorations presented by all the potentates of the world, including the "King of the Cannibal Islands." He is correctly set down as a "humbug," while this term is never applied to the other actor.
    Why? Not because he cheats or imposes upon the public, for he does not, but because, as generally understood, "humbug" consists in putting on glittering appearances - outside show - novel expedients, by which to suddenly arrest public attention, and attract the public eye and ear.
    An honest man who arrests public attention will be called a "humbug,"' but he is not a swindler or an impostor. If, however, after attracting crowds of customers by his unique displays, a man foolishly fails to give them a full equivalent for their money, they never patronize him a second time, but they very properly denounce him as a swindler, a cheat, an impostor; they do not, however, call him a "humbug." He fails, not because he advertises his wares in an outre manner, but because, after attracting crowds of patrons, he stupidly and wickedly cheats them.

    P.T. Barnum--"Humbugs of the World"


    So, are we all getting our money's worth for the Greatest Show on Earth? Michael, the Humbug??? lol!

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