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    Over on the other forum I found this post by LEMONBREAD Im sure she will remember it. Its amazing look when she wrote it.


    Mr. Filmmaker Himself
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    Empathy, I have this question that I have been pondering for a while. I know that Michael had wanted to go into filmmaking for a mighty long time, but it seems to me that every time he tries there is always something (someone) trying to prevent him from doing so, trying to distract his fans with a lot of negativity. Trying to keep his fans from seeing as only as an entertainer not someone that has something very important to say to the world. Why is these people so THREATENED BY MICHAEL.

    Why do they feel that there is a need to manipulated the media so that Michael is seen in a negative light. Do you think that they are afraid that as a filmmaker that he will be even more dangerous. I think that Michael only wanted to be in the music industry for a little while and then into Films. But of course he was a sensation and that was many people good and evil meal/golden ticket. They knew that he was the real thing and that he had that aura about him that will draw millions of millions of people.

    All of Michael entire life and still today people are making money off of him. He wanted to use is talent for the greater of many kind. He know that starting out in the beginning of his career that would have been some sacrificing as well as a little compromising. He does not have to do that any more. He has the capability as well as the resources to do as he chooses.

    Look at what he was able to accomplished as a singer, can you imagine the people he will be able to reach with his documentaries. Bring together people from all corners of the globe for one common goal, to save humanity. Michael has the voice that will make everyone stop and listen, not just hear him but listen to him. This is what make a lot of people very jittery and on edge.

    Sometimes I often wonder how people can believe everything that the hear and see and not have any doubt. People are not listening to their heart, they are letting someone else tell them what is in their heart. No one should be able to tell you what is in your heart but you. Just like the lyrics to his song Keep The Faith ( which is one of my favorite) when you know what is real and true in your heart, do not let anyone tell you otherwise.

    "You and I must make a pact, we must bring salvation back,
    whenever you need me, I,ll be there".


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