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    this is it and Oriantha



    this is it and Oriantha

    Post  Guest on Wed May 05, 2010 7:38 pm

    I watched "this is it" again and didn't really stop to think about it, but Mj made it a point and pushed Orianthi (his guitar player,in case I got her name wrong) and kept telling her, come on its your turn to shine, shine play that note, hit it higher, not in those words but you all know what I mean if you watched it right.

    Anyways I got the sure feeling almost like a message, that he felt bad as he knew he was going to "disappear" for a bit and she was going to tour with him. Any one with him like the dancers and such would've made it big, so he knew if he pushed her and got her on the right foot she would be big and she is starting to. It seems to me he knew this and wanted this to happen since he would be gone. The same with Judith Hill, I always found her to be a Octave singer , not very many of them out there, and asked around why she wouldn't of went out on her own. She sings way better than Brit, (who cant sing) and was told she is out and has been a singer for years and now have her added to my space. So she needed be told as she was rising to the top anyways.

    I don't know but I think to me this is a feeling that he needed to finish some stuff before he "disappeared"

    Any views
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