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    The internet is a hive of conspiracy theories, and conspiracy theory spoofs. Here are a selection of the most bizarre explanations for Michael Jackson’s death.

    1) Michael Jackson was killed by Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to distract attention from Iran

    For: The King of Pop’s death was perfectly timed for the wobbling Iranian regime. Just as reports of its post-election clampdown were provoking howls of protest in the West, and pushing the previously hesitant President Obama to say was “appalled and outraged”, Jacko’s death sucked media attention from Persia to Bel Air. Even more tellingly, “Michael Jackson RIP” replaced “#iranelection” at the top of Twitter’s trending topics, effectively killing off the last hopes of a revolution.

    Against: No evidence whatsoever.

    2) Michael Jackson faked his own death to escape money worries/start new life/hang out with Elvis

    For: Michael Jackson’s precarious financial position has been well documented. Around £200 million in debt and under pressure from creditors to boost his finances with the gruelling 50-date London residency, one could undertand why the King of Pop might want to flee. The predicatable sales boost that followed his “death” and the 200 unreleased songs he reportedly bequeathed his children in his will should be enough to provide for Prince Michael, Paris and Blanket while their father kicks back in Mexico.

    Against: The Los Angeles coroner’s office - who are considered experts on these things - carried out a post mortem and expressed no doubts that the body was a) Michael Jackson and b) dead.

    3) Michael Jackson died two years ago, and was replaced by an impersonator for the O2 press conference

    For: Michael Jackson’s appearance at the O2 arena to promote his London dates in March was bizarre, even by his standards. Arriving 90 minutes late, he led the crowd in a brief, inane chant of “This Is It” before leaving the stage with a loping, unfamiliar walk. Conspiracy theorists claimed that he was too tall and his fingers were too stumpy for it to be the real Jacko, and suggested the King of Pop had been replaced by an impersonator after suffering a pre-conference injury or attack of the nerves. A more audacious theory is that Jackson has been “played” by lookalikes since being found dead at his Neverland ranch several years ago.

    Against: His entire family and circle of intimates would have had to be in on the plan. And could they have really have keep it secret from the all-knowing TMZ?

    4) Michael Jackson and the triad of celebrity deaths

    For: The incredulous reactions to the first reports of Jackson’s demise stemmed, in large part, from the fact that the public was still struggling to come to terms with Farrah Fawcett’s death. And just days earlier the US had lost another cultural icon, the television personality and comedian Ed McMahon. Three celebrity deaths in as many days sent the internet’s rumour mongers into a frenzy, and led to spurious Twitter claims that Jeff Goldblum and Harrison Ford had joined the showbusiness casualty list.

    Against: Jackson, Fawcett and McMahon had little in common. And no-one has made even a slightly convincing explanation for why someone would want them all dead.

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    Breaking: Michael Jackson Heart Attack
    Early Thursday afternoon, pop-icon Michael Jackson was rushed to the hospital after suffering from a serious cardiac arrest. The 50-year-old Jackson is said to have had the heart attack at his Los Angeles home in Holmby Hills around 12:00 PM PST after which a 911 call was received at 12:21 PM. He was then sent to the Cedar-Sinai Medical Center in LA, in an ambulance during which, according to eye-witnesses, he was given CPR by the ambulances’ paramedics.
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    According to TMZ, a family member at the hospital said that Jackson was in “really bad shape.” Adding to this prognosis is Micheal’s dad, Joe Jackson, who just told the Daily Mail, that “he is not doing well.” This story is still new, but his mother and brother are said to be on their way.
    Fearing a news frenzy, the streets surrounding Cedar-Sinai are said to have been blocked off by yellow tape.
    UPDATE: It looks like it is official. Michael Jackson, the King of Pop, is dead. Photos of the pop legend can be found here.
    UPDATE TWO: Rumors now circulating that Jackson overdosed on sleeping pills. Still unconfirmed however.

    911 Call in Michael Jackson Death Released
    Associated Press Writer
    LOS ANGELES -- A 911 caller seeking help for Michael Jackson told an emergency operator that only a personal physician had seen what happened, and an ambulance was urgently needed because resuscitation efforts weren't working.
    The Los Angeles Fire Department on Friday released a redacted audio recording of the call made Thursday by a person who only referred to Jackson as a 50-year-old man. It appeared that a mention of the phone number was deleted from the recording.
    "I need an ambulance as soon as possible, sir," the caller said urgently but politely. "We have a gentlemen here that needs help and he's not breathing yet. He's not breathing and we need to _ we're trying to pump him, but he's not, he's not."
    The caller reported that Jackson was on a bed and the emergency operator began to instruct him to do CPR, but stopped when the caller said that the personal physician was there.
    "Oh, OK. We're on our way there. If your guy is doing CPR and you're instructed by a doctor, he's a higher authority than me. And he's on the scene," the 911 operator said.
    The operator asked if anyone witnessed what happened.
    "No, just the doctor, sir, the doctor was the only one there," the caller said.
    "Did he see what happened?" the operator asked.
    "Doctor, did you see what happened, sir?" the caller asked someone in the room. Only an urgent mumbling can be heard on the recording.
    "We're on our way. It's less than a mile away from Cedars," the operator said, referring to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center.
    Paramedics, however, took Jackson to Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center, where he was later pronounced dead.

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