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    Who Are These 'BAD' Teachers?


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    Who Are These 'BAD' Teachers?

    Post  starfish on Tue Jun 08, 2010 6:19 am

    Who Are These 'BAD' Teachers?

    (7-6-2010) I found this clip in my inbox this morning and I have not stopped laughing since! What am I talking about? What has me doubled over in hilairious pain? I'm talking about the youtube clip of a group of teachers reinacting Michael Jackson's iconic video, 'Bad.'

    The clip was posted on the urlesque website but there is very little information. No mention of who the teachers are, what school they work at or, more importantly, why they decided to film themselves doing a remake of 'Bad.' Was it a tribute to the King of Pop or was there some lesson for their students in there somewhere? Either way, it's increadibly funny to watch! See for yourself and, if you happen to know any of the "actors" or "dancers" in this video (or you are one of them), give us a shout here at MJFC; we would love to know the background story on this one!


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