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    Here we are again at the beginning!!!



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    Here we are again at the beginning!!!

    Post  starfish on Mon Jun 21, 2010 1:40 am

    Bodyguard who watched Michael Jackson die reveals his anguish

    By Graeme Culliford 20/06/2010

    The bodyguard who watched helplessly as Jacko's life ebbed away suffers sleepless nights as he struggles to cope with what he saw.

    Devastated Alberto Alvarez, who took control and dialled 911 for an ambulance, says he cannot stop thinking whether he could have done anything to save the singer.

    Alberto, 34, will be star witness in the trial of Dr Murray, alleged to have halted resuscitation attempts while he hid the anaesthetic claimed to have killed Jackson.

    He told the Sunday Mirror: "I've had sleepless nights. I play over in my mind what I could have done differently - I feel terrible about what happened."

    The bodyguard added: "I want justice for Mr Jackson and will do whatever it takes. When I tell my story, it will be in a court of law."

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    Alberto told police the doctor broke off from trying to revive Jackson to stuff vials into a bag. The substance they they contained resembled Propofol.

    Police say Dr Murray spent some 30 minutes trying to revive the star before seeking help.

    But rather than calling an ambulance, he left a message on the mobile phone of security chief Michael Amir.

    Amir immediately called back, then alerted Alberto, who finally dialled the US emergency number 911.

    Alberto was later fired by the Jackson family and now struggles to provide for wife Anna and their young children.

    The bodyguard's lawyer Carl Douglas said: "When the facts are released in front of a jury, I am confident that Mr Alvarez will emerge as the hero of this tragic saga."



    Posts : 3860
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    Re: Here we are again at the beginning!!!

    Post  starfish on Mon Jun 21, 2010 1:46 am

    So here we are again at the beginning. How many times this story was changed?

    I guess that these reports are normal for this period, we are
    closer to the anniversary of the disappearance MJ.
    So, such reports will probably be even more.

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